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Every Singing Telegrams comes with a beautiful mylar balloon bouquet and special card for the occasion.


Amazing Balloon-A-Grams, a division of Urban Circus Events, has the reputation as New England's best singing telegram and entertainment company.

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Boston singing telegrams offer unique entertainment

We’ve all seen them. It’s an elegant dinner party scene in a classic, old-style film. The doorbell rings and then, much to the delighted surprise of the guests, a singing telegram performer dances and sings his or her way into the hearts of all in attendance. Now, Amazing Balloon-a-Grams offers a Boston singing telegrams to add that same welcome energy to your next party!

Once thought to be a quaint custom of the past, singing telegrams are very much in vogue with today’s event planners. The current nostalgia craze – which includes everything from antique automobiles to candy dispensers – will have your guests thrilling to our Boston singing telegrams as a very special touch to your festivities.

Massachusetts singing telegram – a fun filled way to deliver your message

Much like with guests of the past, our singing telegrams will bring smiles and laughter to today’s participants at parties and other events. In fact, performers of our Boston singing telegrams have remained true to the best qualities found in the singing telegrams of the 1930s, 40s and throughout the twentieth century.

Like their most celebrated predecessors, each delivery of Boston singing telegrams features performers dressed in spectacular costumes who sing original tunes with comic precision and timing.

Each Amazing Balloon-a-Gram performer is focused on making your singing telegram a special treat for their audience. Their talent at singing and, for many, dancing and joke telling will bring smiles and laughter to guests.

Massachusetts singing telegrams leave memorable impressions

With a nod to today’s pop culture and modern customs, our singing telegrams feature costumed performers who portray favorites such as movie star goddess “Marilyn,” the mysterious “Alien,” and the king of Rock and Roll “Elvis,” as well as all-time favorites such as leprechauns, the Grim Reaper and even gorillas!

But our Boston singing telegrams go far beyond pleasing those who respond to house party invitations. Singing telegrams are the perfect highlight for holidays, thank you, farewells and get well gatherings. In addition, they add a very special “something” to milestones in our lives such as anniversaries and graduations. Furthermore, our singing telegrams can be presented in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire and even parts of Connecticut.

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Amazing Balloon-a-Grams is a division of Urban Circus Events.